Find out who we really are, beyond the mind

Recently I published two books about the mind and how it creates stress, happiness, illness, and health. The books are Stressing Out Over Happiness, and The Guidebook to Stress, Meditation and Happiness. My goal is to go far past the subject of the mind. This is why I wrote my latest book, 13 Pillars of Enlightenment, which is a novel about self-realization and enlightenment. Through the eyes of its protagonist this book takes you on a journey into the sense of self and then far beyond. It took me more than 60 years of research and a year to write this book.

This new work is a short narrative novel that leads you to find the most mysterious and illusive aspect of life throughout the ages. It’s been called self realization, enlightenment, or realizing your true nature. Nonetheless, these terms are relatively meaningless and can only point to what exists behind that which we call the mind, body, and reality. I am hoping that this book can point you toward your own realization about who you are, if that’s what you desire.

My goal is to share the most fundamental tenets related to enlightenment. In the book I also go into the problem of language in trying to shed light on something that is beyond language, concepts, and images. Ultimately, I hope that you will be able to find out for yourself where thoughts come from, how they form the sense of self and the world that seems to exist, and how to discover the true nature of the essence of existence.