Delving deeply into the mind and beyond

Last year, Vic Shayne published two books that are concerned with the mind and how it creates stress, happiness, illness, and health. The books are Stressing Out Over Happiness, and The Guidebook to Stress, Meditation and Happiness. Now, the best-selling author is going far past the subject of mind, and has delved into the ancient concept of self-realization in his new book The Thirteen Pillars of Enlightenment.

This new book is a short narrative that leads readers to find the most mysterious and illusive aspect of life throughout the ages. It has been called self realization, enlightenment, and realizing one’s true nature. But, in fact, as Shayne shows, even these terms are meaningless and can only point to what exists behind that which we call the mind, body, and reality.

Vic Shayne’s personal journey over many years has led to the realization of which he writes, and he shares the most fundamental tenets related to that which has been termed enlightenment. His book also discusses the problem of language in trying to shed light on something that is beyond language, concepts, and images. And the book leads the reader to find out for him/herself where thoughts come from, how they form the mind and the world that seems to exist, and how to discover the true nature of the Self.

Letter from a reader of Remember Us.

Thank you for sharing your personal letter!


Dear Mr. Shayne,

Thank you for reading experience with the the book “Remember Us”. I am just at the end of it and I must say it really is a moving story.
I have read a lot of books / biographies depicting these horrific times – and still one meets a Holocaust denier, even here in peaceful Sweden; just recently realized one of our friends is just that…
There has been scary statistics presented in media here, how little the youth of Sweden know about this sad period of our recent history.

As for my own family, on my father’s side, they had top pay a heavy toll; my grand father was a brave man who together with som friends organized escapes for jews and other persecuted people. They managed to get them out from Hungary to Romania through Transylvania where they lived. Ultimately, of course, Gestapo found out and my grandfather, grandmother (and unfortunately, my uncle, who was over from Budapest for the weekend) were taken away, never to come back again.

My grandmother on my mother’s side, helped Jewish directors of their savings bank to get Swedish papers from Raoul Wallenberg, and I know that many of them made it to freedom. My grandfather though never came back from the Eastern Front, where hundreds of thousands of Hungarians lost their lives for a totally lost cause.

Yours truly

Peter v. F.

Massachusetts couple saved thousands from Nazi death camps

Ken Burns documentary details the rescue mission of Massachusetts couple, Martha and Waitstill Sharp. screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-5-24-30-pm

The Sharps, who lived in Wellesley, Massachusetts, were sent by their church to lead a secret and perilous rescue of refugees and dissidents in Europe before and after the start of World War II. They directly helped over 100 people escape and had a part in helping over 2,000 people avoid deportation to Nazi death camps.

“What is so remarkable about this project is how many people are coming forward today saying, the Sharps helped us in this way. We have documents that show the Sharps helped us. And this very large network of underground, you know, rescuers, both the Jewish community, the Protestant community, the Catholic community, others who saw rescue as something that they had to do for their faith.”


New book: Stressing Out Over Happiness

screen shot of stressing out over happiness cover. pngMy newest book, Stressing Out Over Happiness, is the culmination of several years of research and writing. It began as I was doing research for a novel (not yet published as of this writing) and I wanted to delve in to the protagonist’s particular sense of angst and trauma. As I was doing this, I thought that all this research would make a good book in itself — a nonfiction self-help book.

Stressing Out Over Happiness is primarily about three things: Stress, Meditation and Happiness. It is a look at stress and happiness from the vantage point of several sciences, including psychology, neuroscience, biology, psychoneuroimmunology, and quantum physics. And, I bring into play the work and teachings of sages throughout history that now seem to be substantiated by leading-edge science.

If you are stressed out or sick, this book will help you. If you are unhappy, depressed or anxious, this book will be great for you to read. If you wonder why self-help, positive thinking isn’t doing a thing for you, this book is perfect for you.

If you are wondering about the meditation part of the equation, then let me tell you. There are two types of Buddhist meditation that have been studied at major universities in conjunction with happiness and stress reduction. I discuss these in the book. One is called mindfulness meditation and the other is loving-kindness meditation (also known as metta, or compassion meditation). While these are not the only types of meditation that are in existence, these are the ones that are most studied and have yielded empirical results.

Within a week or so, a companion to this book will be released. It will cover some of the same material but a little more in detail and with a less formal and more exploratory angle. The idea is allow you to think about the subject matter and to stimulate your impressions and ideas.

Happy reading!

‘Remember Us’ makes it to two important best-seller lists

My nonfiction biography of concentration camp survivor Martin Small, Remember Us, has made it to two important best-seller lists, including Amazon’s Historical Biographies and the Wall Street Journal’s list.Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 5.51.50 PM
wall street journal best seller listOn the left is the Wall Street Journal listing. My book is number 3 under Nonfiction Books.

To the right is the best seller listing where the book is in the first position.


Eric Clapton Auschwitz movie set for release

Documentary film Three Days In AuschwitScreen Shot 2016-04-05 at 5.42.13 PMz, with soundtrack by Eric Clapton, will be launched in May

A documentary movie about the Auschwitz concentration camp, featuring a soundtrack by Eric Clapton, will be released in May.

Three Days In Auschwitz is director Phillipe Mora’s personal exploration of the Nazi death camp and its lasting impact. His mother would have been sent there, almost certainly to die, if she’d been processed by Nazi officials one day earlier, while many of his father’s family were murdered during the Holocaust of the Second World War…

Read more by clicking here:


What professionals are saying about The Super Foods Diet

SUPER-FOODS-DIET-COVERHere are some great reviews on Vic Shayne’s latest book, The Super Foods Diet:

“It’s so refreshing to read a book about real food nutrition and not crazy gimmicks. Dr. Shayne’s book is a must read for anyone interested in how real food can make all the difference your health. It’s time we take back control of our health from the corporations and this book is perfect roadmap for doing that.”
— Josh Boughton
Natural Products Director
Village Vitality, New York


“Finally! A book that combines the latest super food craze with actual science. Now I can invest in my health knowing that I’m not wasting money on the latest fad. I found this book to be an easy rea

d, highly informative and to the point without a lot of extra fluff that so many authors put in to make a book longer. Thank you so much Dr. Shayne. I highly recommend the Super Foods Diet to everyone interested in staying young, healthy and active..”

— Tamara Star
Daily Transformations Huffington Post columnist


“In his book “’The Super Foods Diet,’ Vic Shayne continues to us teach safe and effective ways of using whole food nutrition to promote health. In contrast to the trendy diets and fads promoted by many authors, Dr. Shayne takes us back to nature to find safe, reliable and effective ways to use food for healing and general health. I have studied and used his protocols in my practice

broccolifor over 20 years and know him to be a man with a strong conscience and one who does not compromise his values.

— Dr. Allen Kowarski DC,PT , Fairfax, VA


“Dr. Vic Shayne’s latest book: Super Food Diet, picks up where the work of Dr.’s McCarrison, Price and Pottenger leave off. But with one big difference. Where they documented the travesty of modern “foods of commerce” on our health, Dr. Shayne documents the benefits of whole foods and hopes of everyone wishing to eat to live and not just to live to eat. He guides us in how to nutritionally slow down the ultimate aging process so that we can enjoy life as it is meant to be, naturally. More than just a manual, it is a guide to healthy nutrition.”

— George Siegfried, D.C., N.D. Portland, OR


“This book should be essential for any physician’s library. Dr. Shayne’s work has been the backbone of my nutrition advice to patients for many years. In this internet-based world, there is so much misinformation out there, almost none of which I trust. But reading his clear style of writing made me realize very quickly that he is one to listen to, with a self-evident ability to cull the poor information from the reliable, or the cutting- edge and possible from the hoaxes. He has an open, brilliant, and discerning mind, all backed by decades of experience. I trust him completely.”
— Dr. N. Duryea, Boulder, CO

The Super Foods Diet is super for your health!

SUPER-FOODS-DIET-COVERVic Shayne’s newest book, The Super Foods Diet, is out and available through This work is the culmination of more than twenty years of research in discovering which foods you should add to your daily diet that provide the most nutrition for a healthier you.

The Super Foods Diet is all about eating specific foods in which scientists have discovered amazing biochemicals capable of healing sickness, preventing disease, supporting cellular function and maintaining optimum health. This book shows you how and why super foods are so essential for good health.

The Super Foods Diet is the only diet that achieves all of the three most important reasons for changing your diet for the better:

  1. weight control,
  2. promotion of good health, and
  3. fighting even the most serious diseases

A diet full of SUPER FOODS, while you avoid the junk foods known to the modern world, can take you out of the running for the most prevalent diseases of our era: cardio- vascular illness, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and more.

Illness isn’t a matter of genetics for most of us; it’s a matter of ignorance, exposure to toxic substances, poor dietary choices and abstinence from our planet’s most nutritious foods found right under our noses!


Machal pilot teaches first IAF fighters, 1948

In 1948, the new nation of Israel was on the brink of annihilation. They were facing certain death when the United Nations had just given them life. The Egyptian Air Force was dropping bombs indiscriminately on Jewish settlements and cities (including Tel Aviv) and the Arab world was promising to finish the job that Hitler had started. Further, the Jews, many of whom were Holocaust survivors) were outnumbered by the millions and were attacked by the combined armies of five Arab states: Egypt, Jordan (Transjordan), Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. Additional contingents came from Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

An impossible war without an air force
Israel had no air force to speak of — only a few tiny planes unable to shoot or drop bombs except for those that could be tossed out over the sides. It was a desperate hour, but something exceptional occurred that would turn the tide of the war. Thousands of men and women from all over the world volunteered to give Israel a hand. These people were called machalniks, or foreign volunteers and they came from South Africa, North and South America, England and elsewhere. Many were WWII combatants. Among them was George Lichter, a decorated American combat fighter pilot who had flown an astounding 88 missions over Nazi-occupied Europe.

About George Lichter
George was a Brooklyn boy who had battled antisemitism since childhood. When he heard about Israel’s predicament he said, “I thought it would be over in a few months and there was no way the Jews could win. But I knew we had to try.” George put his business on hold, said goodbye to his family, contacted the Israelis and was recruited for what was perhaps the most important job in Israel’s infancy. He was chosen to become the chief instructor of the first Israeli fighter pilots.

Hidden away in Czechoslovakia
Based out of secreted air bases in Czechoslovakia, George instructed young pilots on how to fly combat, using his own combat experience and gift in handling difficult aircraft. In less than a year, George Lichter had helped the Israelis become the masters of their skies and the masters of their own destiny. He laid the blueprints for the greatest air force the world has ever known.

Remarkable students, superior fighter pilots
Now age 91, George is the subject of a new biography marking the years between his birth in Brooklyn in 1921 through his service as a machal flight instructor and test pilot for the Israeli Air Force. Some of Israel’s most prominent and notable pilots were his students in Czechoslovakia, including Dani Shapira whom George rescued mid-air when the young flyer became lost on a dangerous mission to bring Spitfires (British WWII war planes) over Yugoslavian air space to Israel in 1948. Shapira went on to become Israel’s greatest test pilot and flew in every war the nation has known. Another of George’s students was Mordechai “Modi” Alon who one day became commander of the IAF.

More about the book
Ups and Downs, written by Vic Shayne, follows George’s life through his growing up years in Brooklyn where he was first smitten with dreams of flying while standing transfixed on the beach at Gravesend Bay watching a tourist plane take off from the surf. By age six, George knew he wanted to become a pilot, and when he saw the silent WWI movie Wings in 1927, he realized that flying combat would be the ultimate thrill. George’s dream came true in December, 1941 when the United States entered World War II. Pearl Harbor was attacked on Sunday, December 7, and George lined up to join the Army Air Force the next day. After the war, George contacted the Israelis and was sent to a Medieval village in Czechoslovakia called Ceske Budjovice (cheshkee bud-joh-veech) where the Israelis had set up a covert training base for its novice pilots.

Ups and Downs is all about George, an athletic kid whose idea of fun always meant pushing his luck, taking crazy risks, and looking to try something new. These traits made him an ideal candidate for pilot training and air combat. In fact, his daring nature nearly got him killed on more than one occasion, including the time in 1943 when he and a fellow pilot decided to buzz New York Harbor and flew under the nose of the Statue of Liberty.

Capt. George Lichter, second from left, sits with his students at barracks of Ceske Budjovice air base.

Though he had crashed, had plenty of near misses and had his plane shot full of bullets, daring George emerged from the war unscathed but highly decorated with the European Theatre Ribbon and four battle stars, battle stars for air war service and battle stars for flying combat during the invasion of Normandy (D-Day).

Nancy Spielberg features George in her documentary
Nancy Spielberg (Steven’s sister) is currently in production filming a feature documentary on the exploits and service of the machal fighters, featuring George Lichter among the living pilots involved in Israel’s War of Independence, 1948.

Ups and Downs With No Regrets features the favorable reviews of two celebrities — actor Jerry Stiller and television personality/author Dr. Ruth Westheimer, both of whom are personal friends of George Lichter. Dr. Ruth served as a sniper during Israel’s War of Independence. The book is not only about George’s war service, but also about his personal life, sexual exploits, stints as a trumpet player in college and in the Catskill Mountain resorts, battle with antisemitism, and world travels.

Ups and Downs With No Regrets is the personal story of George Lichter written by Vic Shayne and available on Published 2013. Shayne is also the author of Remember Us: From my shtetl through the Holocaust, a first-person memoir of survivor Martin Small, 2009, Sky Horse Publishing.

Nancy Spielberg’s documentary offers a boost

Nancy Spielberg (Steven’s sister) is working on a documentary about the machalniks (foreign volunteers) who fought for Israel’s independence in 1948. The film’s release is perfect timing to coincide with my book on Capt. George Lichter, WWII fighter pilot who was called upon to train Israel’s first combat flyers. The book is called Ups and Downs With No Regrets and is available on

Here is a wonderful video clip of Spielberg’s documentary. George Lichter is one of the main subjects, and the first photo in this clip is of George as a kid in Brooklyn.

Sample Reel for ‘Above and Beyond: The Birth of the Israeli Air Force’ – Playmount Productions from Katahdin Productions on Vimeo.