How do you create reality?

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (2000)

by Vic Shayne
Consciousness: The Potentiality of All Existence: Exploring reality and belief as a subjective experience

For many years I had read how we create our own reality. This was a great puzzle to me. Of course, it’s quite easy to repeat what others have said and then convince yourself that it’s true. This is called belief. Belief is not knowing; it is not a realization. You can believe that out of body experiences are real, but unless you have had one — or a thousand — then you don’t really know what it feels, looks, or sounds like. It remains an idea, but not a realization. You can also believe that life has a purpose, but it is only the mind that tells you this out of belief and not as a fact. And you can believe that you create your own reality, but unless you fully see this then it remains a belief.

Consciousness is the totality of all that is. It is existence at all levels, including all pairs of opposites that we call duality. Consciousness is a field of potential — what may or can happen — as well as the entire range of experiences, phenomena, expressions, and thoughts. The contents of consciousness is consciousness; it’s the whole enchilada, so to speak. And this totality is each one of us. It is as much in us as it is us. When we say that it is in us, this means the “us” of consciousness, and not the “us” of individual bodies, minds, and brains.

The two faces of human beings
We can look at the person in two ways. One way is how most people understand themselves, because it is the default. When the mind is conditioned by authority figures, parents, teachers, relatives, and all sorts of information and ideas, the egoic self is formed. This self believes that it is a body and all that is identified with the body — ideas, memories, relatives, friends, possessions, talents, and so on. The egoic self is just a belief, because it is temporal and it is changeable. The other way to regard a person is as an expression of consciousness. Consciousness is the natural state of being, while the egoic self is artificial and created out of belief. Consciousness is the whole, and the egoic self is a fragmented worldview of the self and all others.

Everything is consciousness, and because we are all consciousness then we know of all of the dualities of hot and cold, good and bad, caring and uncaring, smart and stupid, loud and quiet, tall and short, wild and controlled, chaotic and ordered, and so on. As Freud said, there is a part of the mind that is our face to the world that we want others to see us as. We have a real “us,” but we don’t want others to know this is what we are, and this includes all of the bad, negative, and unseemly aspects of consciousness. Freud called this moral and ethical face to the world the Superego.

The writer creates reality
When a writer creates a book, a play, or a movie, she taps into the totality of consciousness that lies within her — as her. If she remains in the egoic state of the individual self, then she cannot create reality, because the egoic state is limited to itself and not the totality of existence and thought.

A writer can create terrible and cruel villains, heroic protagonists, characters that hold secret flaws or inclinations, slimy creatures, evil sociopaths, and altruistic sages. The entire breadth of potential behavior, mindsets, and actions is at the writer’s disposal. Why? Because all of these are in consciousness, which means that they are with her. And it’s a bold thing to write cruel characters who lack compassion and are apt to be destructive. It’s bold because it is an admission that such characteristics are within the writer. But because they are in all of us, as the audience we become involved in the story and find it believable, even if it’s science fiction. It only needs to be written realistically in order to have this effect. In essence, the writer is creating reality, and when we sit in the theater watching all of her characters, the action, and the scenery, we are experiencing the writer’s reality.

As consciousness, we all are the creators of our own reality, each and every waking moment, as well as in every moment of a dream or daydream. Can you see this? Don’t take my word for it; look into this. And when you look into it, consider that all of the good, bad, and indifferent are within you — not you as an individual, egoic self, but rather “you” as the totality of consciousness.

Delving deep into consciousness in my new book

When I wrote Consciousness: The Potentiality of All Existence: Exploring reality and belief as a subjective experience, I knew I was jumping into turbulent waters, because there is such a huge divide between materialist science and spirituality. Strangely, as I discovered in the process of writing, both religious people and materialist scientists base their opinions about spirituality on beliefs. This is a hard pill to swallow, because both ends of the spectrum swear that they are right and that they have the answers to life’s questions, including what consciousness is. But it turns out that a belief is a belief, and this is what shapes most people’s opinions and actions.

Consciousness isn’t a book for everyone, because it’s quite honest in its approach to who we are and why we see the world in our own unique ways. Honesty does not sit well with the egoic sense of self. This egoic mind, or persona, has been conditioned since birth to believe it is a body and all of the attachments and identities that go along with it. In essence, people are not who they take themselves to be — they are amalgams of thoughts that are unreliable, ephemeral, and changeable.

But, trust me, this book is easier reading than it looks!

In Consciousness, I discuss all sorts of ideas of what consciousness is, according to the experts who ironically really do not know very much outside of their own guesses and iffy conclusions, whether they are scientists or self-proclaimed New Age experts. If you are alive, you are experiencing consciousness.

This book also dives into the many experiences in consciousness — near death and out of body experiences, dreaming, lucid dreaming, intuition, hallucinogenic trips, imagination, quantum entanglement, and more.

It’s so easy that it’s hard
So how do you get to the bottom of what consciousness is? The answer is so easy that it is mostly overlooked. In addition to my experience with many years of self-enquiry meditation, I turned to some of the most respected and profound teachers who have realized their own natures by waking up to what they are not. That’s right, what they are not. This means that we all have the ability to observe our own state of being and see where thoughts come from, how they rise and fall, and how they accrete to form a sense of self.

A number of gurus have taught about finding one’s true nature as consciousness down through the ages, from Buddha to Rumi, and from Jiddu Krishnamurti to Ramana Maharshi. These individuals have all said the same thing: You cannot rely on information, teachings, rituals, religion, ideas, thinking, or practice to realize consciousness; you just have to observe with great persistence, desire, and interest, and eventually it dawns on you who you are.

If you are too tied to your beliefs about who you are, as well as the teachings of New Age philosophy, religion, or materialist science, then this book isn’t for you. But if you want to understand yourself at the deepest level and are willing to let go of your preconceptions and suppositions, then buy the book and investigate into your own nature. It’s quite rewarding if you can do it.

Happy reading!

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Find out who you really are, beyond your mind

Last year I published two books about the mind and how it creates stress, happiness, illness, and health. The books are Stressing Out Over Happiness, and The Guidebook to Stress, Meditation and Happiness. My goal is to go far past the subject of the mind. This is why I wrote my latest book, 13 Thirteen Pillars of Enlightenment, which is a novel about self-realization and enlightenment. This book will take you on a journey into the mind as that which we call “I,” or the self, and then far beyond. It took me more than 60 years of research and a year to write this book.

This new work is a short narrative that leads you to find the most mysterious and illusive aspect of life throughout the ages. It’s been called self realization, enlightenment, or realizing your true nature. Nonetheless these terms are relatively meaningless and can only point to what exists behind that which we call the mind, body, and reality. So I am hoping that this book can point you toward your own experience if that’s what you desire.

My personal journey over many years led me to this realization, and my goal is to share the most fundamental tenets related to enlightenment. In the book I also go into the problem of language in trying to shed light on something that is beyond language, concepts, and images. Ultimately, I hope that you will be able to find out for yourself where thoughts come from, how they form the mind and the world that seems to exist, and how to discover the true nature of the Self.

Letter from a reader of Remember Us.

Thank you for sharing your personal letter!


Dear Mr. Shayne,

Thank you for reading experience with the the book “Remember Us”. I am just at the end of it and I must say it really is a moving story.
I have read a lot of books / biographies depicting these horrific times – and still one meets a Holocaust denier, even here in peaceful Sweden; just recently realized one of our friends is just that…
There has been scary statistics presented in media here, how little the youth of Sweden know about this sad period of our recent history.

As for my own family, on my father’s side, they had top pay a heavy toll; my grand father was a brave man who together with som friends organized escapes for jews and other persecuted people. They managed to get them out from Hungary to Romania through Transylvania where they lived. Ultimately, of course, Gestapo found out and my grandfather, grandmother (and unfortunately, my uncle, who was over from Budapest for the weekend) were taken away, never to come back again.

My grandmother on my mother’s side, helped Jewish directors of their savings bank to get Swedish papers from Raoul Wallenberg, and I know that many of them made it to freedom. My grandfather though never came back from the Eastern Front, where hundreds of thousands of Hungarians lost their lives for a totally lost cause.

Yours truly

Peter v. F.

New book: Stressing Out Over Happiness

screen shot of stressing out over happiness cover. pngMy newest book, Stressing Out Over Happiness, is the culmination of several years of research and writing. It began as I was doing research for a novel (not yet published as of this writing) and I wanted to delve in to the protagonist’s particular sense of angst and trauma. As I was doing this, I thought that all this research would make a good book in itself — a nonfiction self-help book.

Stressing Out Over Happiness is primarily about three things: Stress, Meditation and Happiness. It is a look at stress and happiness from the vantage point of several sciences, including psychology, neuroscience, biology, psychoneuroimmunology, and quantum physics. And, I bring into play the work and teachings of sages throughout history that now seem to be substantiated by leading-edge science.

If you are stressed out or sick, this book will help you. If you are unhappy, depressed or anxious, this book will be great for you to read. If you wonder why self-help, positive thinking isn’t doing a thing for you, this book is perfect for you.

If you are wondering about the meditation part of the equation, then let me tell you. There are two types of Buddhist meditation that have been studied at major universities in conjunction with happiness and stress reduction. I discuss these in the book. One is called mindfulness meditation and the other is loving-kindness meditation (also known as metta, or compassion meditation). While these are not the only types of meditation that are in existence, these are the ones that are most studied and have yielded empirical results.

Within a week or so, a companion to this book will be released. It will cover some of the same material but a little more in detail and with a less formal and more exploratory angle. The idea is allow you to think about the subject matter and to stimulate your impressions and ideas.

Happy reading!

‘Remember Us’ makes it to 3 important best-seller lists

My nonfiction biography of concentration camp survivor Martin Small, Remember Us, has made it to the New York Times best-sellers list, in addition to two other important ones, including Amazon’s Historical Biographies and the Wall Street Journal’s list.Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 5.51.50 PM
wall street journal best seller listOn the left is the Wall Street Journal listing. My book is number 3 under Nonfiction Books.

To the right is the best seller listing where the book is in the first position.


What professionals are saying about The Super Foods Diet

SUPER-FOODS-DIET-COVERHere are some great reviews on Vic Shayne’s latest book, The Super Foods Diet:

“It’s so refreshing to read a book about real food nutrition and not crazy gimmicks. Dr. Shayne’s book is a must read for anyone interested in how real food can make all the difference your health. It’s time we take back control of our health from the corporations and this book is perfect roadmap for doing that.”
— Josh Boughton
Natural Products Director
Village Vitality, New York


“Finally! A book that combines the latest super food craze with actual science. Now I can invest in my health knowing that I’m not wasting money on the latest fad. I found this book to be an easy rea

d, highly informative and to the point without a lot of extra fluff that so many authors put in to make a book longer. Thank you so much Dr. Shayne. I highly recommend the Super Foods Diet to everyone interested in staying young, healthy and active..”

— Tamara Star
Daily Transformations Huffington Post columnist


“In his book “’The Super Foods Diet,’ Vic Shayne continues to us teach safe and effective ways of using whole food nutrition to promote health. In contrast to the trendy diets and fads promoted by many authors, Dr. Shayne takes us back to nature to find safe, reliable and effective ways to use food for healing and general health. I have studied and used his protocols in my practice

broccolifor over 20 years and know him to be a man with a strong conscience and one who does not compromise his values.

— Dr. Allen Kowarski DC,PT , Fairfax, VA


“Dr. Vic Shayne’s latest book: Super Food Diet, picks up where the work of Dr.’s McCarrison, Price and Pottenger leave off. But with one big difference. Where they documented the travesty of modern “foods of commerce” on our health, Dr. Shayne documents the benefits of whole foods and hopes of everyone wishing to eat to live and not just to live to eat. He guides us in how to nutritionally slow down the ultimate aging process so that we can enjoy life as it is meant to be, naturally. More than just a manual, it is a guide to healthy nutrition.”

— George Siegfried, D.C., N.D. Portland, OR


“This book should be essential for any physician’s library. Dr. Shayne’s work has been the backbone of my nutrition advice to patients for many years. In this internet-based world, there is so much misinformation out there, almost none of which I trust. But reading his clear style of writing made me realize very quickly that he is one to listen to, with a self-evident ability to cull the poor information from the reliable, or the cutting- edge and possible from the hoaxes. He has an open, brilliant, and discerning mind, all backed by decades of experience. I trust him completely.”
— Dr. N. Duryea, Boulder, CO

The Super Foods Diet is super for your health!

SUPER-FOODS-DIET-COVERVic Shayne’s newest book, The Super Foods Diet, is out and available through This work is the culmination of more than twenty years of research in discovering which foods you should add to your daily diet that provide the most nutrition for a healthier you.

The Super Foods Diet is all about eating specific foods in which scientists have discovered amazing biochemicals capable of healing sickness, preventing disease, supporting cellular function and maintaining optimum health. This book shows you how and why super foods are so essential for good health.

The Super Foods Diet is the only diet that achieves all of the three most important reasons for changing your diet for the better:

  1. weight control,
  2. promotion of good health, and
  3. fighting even the most serious diseases

A diet full of SUPER FOODS, while you avoid the junk foods known to the modern world, can take you out of the running for the most prevalent diseases of our era: cardio- vascular illness, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and more.

Illness isn’t a matter of genetics for most of us; it’s a matter of ignorance, exposure to toxic substances, poor dietary choices and abstinence from our planet’s most nutritious foods found right under our noses!


WWII Fighter Pilot has a story to tell

Just released: the biography of WWII fighter pilot, Capt. George Lichter, an 91-year-old marvel.

George Lichter’s story is fascinating, owing to more than just bravery. He is a risk-taker extraordinaire who joined up to fly in the Army Air Force the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941.

George Lichter was born in Brooklyn in December, 1921, to an immigrant family, became an athlete, signed up for duty at the beginning of the US involvement in WWII and went on to fly 88 combat missions over the skies of occupied Europe. He was stationed in Bottisham, England, with 361 Fighter Group and went home a decorated war hero at the end of 1944.

But George Lichter’s story doesn’t end there.

When every Arab neighbor decided to wage war against the new nation of Israel, 1948, George signed up for war again. He said he knew the Jews were outnumbered a million to one, and that the Arabs were promising to “finish what Hitler began,” but he just had to try to help.

George was sent by the Israelis to Czechoslovakia to train the first Israeli Air Force cadets. Within months, the Israelis gained air superiority, ruled the skies over Israel, and won the war. George came away from the experience an Israeli national hero as a member of a few thousand Machal (foreign volunteer) fighters hailing from around the world.

Entitled Ups, Downs and No Regrets,  the amazing story of George Lichter is available through by clicking HERE.

Latest writing projects & publications


The Self is a Belief

The Self is a Belief is my latest book (2018, fall), and is a close-up look at the “I,” self, or egoistic mind, and how it is formed to create what we think is an individual self. For millennia sages of the East have been teaching about this false sense of self as the cause of most suffering. This is because the self identifies with the body and all sorts of objects and people.

The mind is a tool that has evolved to separate all things by way of the five senses. It does this to differentiate shapes, sounds, textures, tastes, and so on. But when this mind becomes conditioned by myriad influences over a lifetime then it comes to apply this same separation to life for nonpractical purposes. And this is where the self, the egoic self, is born. This conditioned mind becomes attached to ideas, memories, situations, accolades, the body, and on and on. As such it presents a false image of the world and all that is contained within it. It loses the knowledge that it actually exists in one flowing consciousness and that nothing is separate from consciousness.

In The Self is a Belief I bring in a great many voices to weigh in on this idea of consciousness, the self, and the problems that arise from this belief. You can read about yogis, sages, mystics, quantum physicists, neuroscientists, psychologists, and philosophers who all have something interesting to say on the subject.

This book is based on my own personal findings, and at the end of the book, my wife Janice describes the process of self inquiry which leads to the realization that the self is only a belief. It is a practice that anyone can do if interested enough to uncover the ceaseless cycle of pursuing pleasure and avoiding pain.



Stressing Out Over Happiness

— exploring the effects of stress, meditation and happiness


screen shot of stressing out over happiness cover. pngStressing Out Over Happiness is a new self-help book that merges the wisdom of ancient sages, neuroscientists, psychologists, philosophers and quantum physicists to explore the nature of happiness, the physiological and mental aspects of stress, and how the mind works. This book also delves into the two forms of Buddhist meditation that have been shown in university studies to lessen the effects of stress and lead to greater happiness.

If you are stressed out (who isn’t), anxious, depressed or wandering in a daze, this book should prove very helpful to you. If you are a natural health practitioner, nurse, or therapist, you should read what this work has to say because there is definitely a missing link in today’s health care picture — a holistic paradigm.

The mind is very complicated instrument. Or is it an instrument at all? The truth is that, despite our scientific effort, we are no closer to understanding the mind in terms of its shape, form or existence. We know it by its actions, but we cannot measure it or observe it except by means of its effect on the brain. To study the mind, we have to look into the nature of consciousness, and that is a big undertaking. In this book, though, we do just that. My hope is that this book will compel you to ask your own questions and explore the workings and nature of your own mind and your own existence. In the end, this should not only bring down stress levels, but it should also make you much happier.


Ups and Downs With No Regrets:
George Lichter’s story amazing adventures.


World War II veteran combat pilot Captain George Lichter who passed away at age 91, is the subject of a new biography called Ups and Downs With No Regrets.

Ups and Downs, written by Vic Shayne, follows George’s life through his growing up years in Brooklyn where he was first smitten with dreams of flying while standing transfixed on the beach at Gravesend Bay watching a tourist plane take off from the surf. By age six, George knew he wanted to become a pilot, and when he saw the silent WWI movie Wings in 1927, he realized that flying combat would be the ultimate thrill. George’s dream came true in December, 1941 when the United States entered World War II. Pearl Harbor was attacked on Sunday, December 7, and George lined up to join the Army Air Force the next day.

Ups and Downs is all about George, an athletic kid whose idea of fun always meant pushing his luck, taking crazy risks, and looking to try something new. These traits made him an ideal candidate for pilot training and air combat. In fact, his daring nature nearly got him killed on more than one occasion, including the time in 1943 when he and a fellow pilot decided to buzz New York Harbor and flew under the nose of the Statue of Liberty.

By the end of the war, George had flown more than 88 combat missions over Nazi-occupied Europe. Though he crashed and had his plane shot full of bullets, George emerged from the war unscathed but highly decorated with the European Theatre Ribbon and four battle stars, battle stars for air war service and battle stars for flying combat during the invasion of Normandy (D-Day). Only a couple of years after WWII had ended, and trying to settle down in the business world, George discovered that the new nation of Israel was about to be attacked by its Arab neighbors on the even of being granted its independence by the United Nations.

“I knew I couldn’t just sit by and do nothing,” George recalls. “I thought it was going to be a slaughter, but we had to try to fight back.”

George contacted the Israelis and joined their war effort. But instead of sending him to fly combat, the Israelis had more important plans for him, not to mention that the Israelis had no fighter planes in service. They sent him to Czechoslovakia where the new Israeli pilots were to be quickly trained for aerial combat as an air force was being centered around remnants and spare parts from used WWII planes. Ironically, the Israelis’ first aircraft were reconfigured German Messerschmitts made in Czechoslovakia.

Given his war record and exceptional piloting skills, George was chosen to be Israel’s chief trainer. Within months, the Israelis had put together an air force and took control over of their territorial skies to answer the bombing strikes of the Egyptian Air Force. During his tenure as chief instructor, George led a group of new fighter pilots through dangerous skies on a mission to bring Spitfires into Israel. For this perilous flight, rescuing a novice pilot lost in the fog near Yugoslavia and for his dedication, the nation of Israel recognized him as the one of the most treasured of their machal (foreign volunteer) military experts.

Nancy Spielberg (Steven’s sister) is currently finishing a feature documentary on the exploits and service of the machal fighters, featuring George Lichter among the living pilots involved in Israel’s War of Independence, 1948.

Ups and Downs With No Regrets features the favorable reviews of two celebrities — actor Jerry Stiller and television personality/author Dr. Ruth Westheimer, both of whom are personal friends of George Lichter. Dr. Ruth served as a sniper during Israel’s War of Independence. The book is not only about George’s war service, but also about his personal life, sexual exploits, stints as a trumpet player in college and in the Catskill Mountain resorts, battle with antisemitism, and world travels.

Ups and Downs With No Regrets is the personal story of George Lichter written by Vic Shayne and available on Published 2013. Shayne is also the author ofRemember Us: From my shtetl through the Holocaust, a first-person memoir of survivor Martin Small, 2009, Sky Horse Publishing.


new remember us coverRemember Us: the amazing
Holocaust survival story of
Martin Small

Remember Us is now available in book stores across the country. It has reached the and Wall Street Journal best seller lists and has received wide acclaim. You can also order it online by clicking here for

This book is the remarkable true story that begins in a world of Yiddish culture, bucolic countryside life in pre-war Poland and family relationships that were once the foundation of Jewish life. Living an idyllic life with family, friends and community, Martin Small was steeped in tradition, learning and culture only to be swept away in the storm of the Holocaust. His unchosen journey took him into a slave labor camp, into the forests as a partisan, into Mauthausen concentration camp, through displaced persons camps and further, all of which presented tests of body and soul.

I spent an intensive three and a half years interviewing and talking with Martin Small, going through his documents and photos, and listening to him address audiences with his message of loss and redemption. The result of these years is this book, Remember Us, in which I wrote Martin’s life story in the first person.

I invite you to read this book that has been heralded by Nobel Prize recipient Eli Wiesel, actor Jerry Stiller, actor/producer Ed Asner and many others, including veterans of World War II.

Remember Us is available in bookstores nationwide, as well as online.