What professionals are saying about The Super Foods Diet

SUPER-FOODS-DIET-COVERHere are some great reviews on Vic Shayne’s latest book, The Super Foods Diet:

“It’s so refreshing to read a book about real food nutrition and not crazy gimmicks. Dr. Shayne’s book is a must read for anyone interested in how real food can make all the difference your health. It’s time we take back control of our health from the corporations and this book is perfect roadmap for doing that.”
— Josh Boughton
Natural Products Director
Village Vitality, New York


“Finally! A book that combines the latest super food craze with actual science. Now I can invest in my health knowing that I’m not wasting money on the latest fad. I found this book to be an easy rea

d, highly informative and to the point without a lot of extra fluff that so many authors put in to make a book longer. Thank you so much Dr. Shayne. I highly recommend the Super Foods Diet to everyone interested in staying young, healthy and active..”

— Tamara Star
Daily Transformations Huffington Post columnist


“In his book “’The Super Foods Diet,’ Vic Shayne continues to us teach safe and effective ways of using whole food nutrition to promote health. In contrast to the trendy diets and fads promoted by many authors, Dr. Shayne takes us back to nature to find safe, reliable and effective ways to use food for healing and general health. I have studied and used his protocols in my practice

broccolifor over 20 years and know him to be a man with a strong conscience and one who does not compromise his values.

— Dr. Allen Kowarski DC,PT , Fairfax, VA


“Dr. Vic Shayne’s latest book: Super Food Diet, picks up where the work of Dr.’s McCarrison, Price and Pottenger leave off. But with one big difference. Where they documented the travesty of modern “foods of commerce” on our health, Dr. Shayne documents the benefits of whole foods and hopes of everyone wishing to eat to live and not just to live to eat. He guides us in how to nutritionally slow down the ultimate aging process so that we can enjoy life as it is meant to be, naturally. More than just a manual, it is a guide to healthy nutrition.”

— George Siegfried, D.C., N.D. Portland, OR


“This book should be essential for any physician’s library. Dr. Shayne’s work has been the backbone of my nutrition advice to patients for many years. In this internet-based world, there is so much misinformation out there, almost none of which I trust. But reading his clear style of writing made me realize very quickly that he is one to listen to, with a self-evident ability to cull the poor information from the reliable, or the cutting- edge and possible from the hoaxes. He has an open, brilliant, and discerning mind, all backed by decades of experience. I trust him completely.”
— Dr. N. Duryea, Boulder, CO

The Super Foods Diet is super for your health!

SUPER-FOODS-DIET-COVERVic Shayne’s newest book, The Super Foods Diet, is out and available through amazon.com. This work is the culmination of more than twenty years of research in discovering which foods you should add to your daily diet that provide the most nutrition for a healthier you.

The Super Foods Diet is all about eating specific foods in which scientists have discovered amazing biochemicals capable of healing sickness, preventing disease, supporting cellular function and maintaining optimum health. This book shows you how and why super foods are so essential for good health.

The Super Foods Diet is the only diet that achieves all of the three most important reasons for changing your diet for the better:

  1. weight control,
  2. promotion of good health, and
  3. fighting even the most serious diseases

A diet full of SUPER FOODS, while you avoid the junk foods known to the modern world, can take you out of the running for the most prevalent diseases of our era: cardio- vascular illness, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and more.

Illness isn’t a matter of genetics for most of us; it’s a matter of ignorance, exposure to toxic substances, poor dietary choices and abstinence from our planet’s most nutritious foods found right under our noses!