The Super Foods Diet is super for your health!

SUPER-FOODS-DIET-COVERVic Shayne’s newest book, The Super Foods Diet, is out and available through This work is the culmination of more than twenty years of research in discovering which foods you should add to your daily diet that provide the most nutrition for a healthier you.

The Super Foods Diet is all about eating specific foods in which scientists have discovered amazing biochemicals capable of healing sickness, preventing disease, supporting cellular function and maintaining optimum health. This book shows you how and why super foods are so essential for good health.

The Super Foods Diet is the only diet that achieves all of the three most important reasons for changing your diet for the better:

  1. weight control,
  2. promotion of good health, and
  3. fighting even the most serious diseases

A diet full of SUPER FOODS, while you avoid the junk foods known to the modern world, can take you out of the running for the most prevalent diseases of our era: cardio- vascular illness, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, Alzheimer’s disease, obesity and more.

Illness isn’t a matter of genetics for most of us; it’s a matter of ignorance, exposure to toxic substances, poor dietary choices and abstinence from our planet’s most nutritious foods found right under our noses!