Remember Us – Martin Small

Martin-Book CoverLatest Work: The story of Martin Small – Holocaust survivor.

From the back cover:

Throughout the 1920s and 30s, Motek Shmulevicz lives an idyllic life among family and friends in the close-knit Polish shtetl of Maitchet. As the dark shadow of the Holocaust stretches across eastern Europe, the most unspeakable events occur, igniting a struggle for survival against all odds. It is a crucible fraught with twists and turns so unpredictable and surprising that they defy any attempt to find reason and understanding for them.

Remember Us is a look back at the lost world of the shtetl — a wise Zayde offering prophetic and profound words to his grandson, the rich experience of Shabbos and the treasure of a loving family. Through the eyes of 91-year-old Holocaust survivor Martin Small, we learn that these priceless memories too painful to remember are also too painful to forget.

One thought on “Remember Us – Martin Small”

  1. my…………..what an amazing story. This narrative is so comprehensive of the war in Europe! He experienced EVERYTHING! The Shtetls, the family, the occupation, the abuse, the Nazis, the Polish, the Soviets, the Italians, the death marches, the raids, escapes,the Partisans, hope, kindness, betrayal, liberation, the fight for a Jewish Homeland, the restorative powers of family…all of it! Wow, I was swept along by the beauty of the language and the emotions of the descriptions…a triumphant ending!!! I love that he held on to hope…the smallest shred at times…and believed in God to the end-doubted humanity, but believed in God–that is an important difference to Martin Smalls story.
    This should be a movie! This could trump even Schindlers List IF it is done right…include the
    violence but not the visual gore….it can be done with tact and respect to the victims and the viewers. And unlike “SL”, fortunately, this is completely without any sexual smut to ruin it… students could see this film and be moved by this film and be CHANGED by this film!! I fully believe this is a worthy narrative to tell in as many venues as possible.

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