WWII Fighter Pilot has a story to tell

Just released: the biography of WWII fighter pilot, Capt. George Lichter, an 91-year-old marvel.

George Lichter’s story is fascinating, owing to more than just bravery. He is a risk-taker extraordinaire who joined up to fly in the Army Air Force the day after Pearl Harbor was bombed in 1941.

George Lichter was born in Brooklyn in December, 1921, to an immigrant family, became an athlete, signed up for duty at the beginning of the US involvement in WWII and went on to fly 88 combat missions over the skies of occupied Europe. He was stationed in Bottisham, England, with 361 Fighter Group and went home a decorated war hero at the end of 1944.

But George Lichter’s story doesn’t end there.

When every Arab neighbor decided to wage war against the new nation of Israel, 1948, George signed up for war again. He said he knew the Jews were outnumbered a million to one, and that the Arabs were promising to “finish what Hitler began,” but he just had to try to help.

George was sent by the Israelis to Czechoslovakia to train the first Israeli Air Force cadets. Within months, the Israelis gained air superiority, ruled the skies over Israel, and won the war. George came away from the experience an Israeli national hero as a member of a few thousand Machal (foreign volunteer) fighters hailing from around the world.

Entitled Ups, Downs and No Regrets, the amazing story of George Lichter is available through amazon.com by clicking HERE.