Delving deeply into the mind and beyond

Last year, Vic Shayne published two books that are concerned with the mind and how it creates stress, happiness, illness, and health. The books are Stressing Out Over Happiness, and The Guidebook to Stress, Meditation and Happiness. Now, the best-selling author is going far past the subject of mind, and has delved into the ancient concept of self-realization in his new book The Thirteen Pillars of Enlightenment.

This new book is a short narrative that leads readers to find the most mysterious and illusive aspect of life throughout the ages. It has been called self realization, enlightenment, and realizing one’s true nature. But, in fact, as Shayne shows, even these terms are meaningless and can only point to what exists behind that which we call the mind, body, and reality.

Vic Shayne’s personal journey over many years has led to the realization of which he writes, and he shares the most fundamental tenets related to that which has been termed enlightenment. His book also discusses the problem of language in trying to shed light on something that is beyond language, concepts, and images. And the book leads the reader to find out for him/herself where thoughts come from, how they form the mind and the world that seems to exist, and how to discover the true nature of the Self.